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Brains age as we get older...


Brains age as we get older leading to many age related problems. While there is no actual cure for an aging brain, here are some ways to slow the process down

1.Bueberries contain potent antioxidants which will protect the brain from damaging free radicals and also protect from oxidative stress which will result in a reduction of age related ailments and issues

2. Nuts-These are high in vitamin E which protects the brain tissue. This results in memory improvement and better general brain function

3. Avocados-Contain Monounsaturated fats which contribute to healthy brain blood flow and lowers blood pressure which can reduce headaches

4. Salmon and other deep sea fish- Contain high amounts of omegas which are the doctors #1 recommendation for brain and heart health. Omegas also fight inflammation

5. Gingko tea- Increases blood circulation by opening blood vessels and making blood less sticky. This results in increased brain blood flow, sharper focus and memory improvements

By Philip Fusco


This entry was posted in Health on February-12-15

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