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Smooth ways on how to sneak vital veggies into everyday meals


Smooth ways on how to sneak vital veggies into everyday meals

How often do you eat your veggies? No, potato chips and French fries don’t count.

If your immediate thought was fries, don’t fret. Many of us are guilty of not having our fair share of healthy greens. And as much as we want to eat fruits and vegetables and keep a nutrition-packed diet, most of the time meat, carbs, and other foods are just too tempting.

Here are a couple of tips from Bonfire to help you ease the guilt and sneak in some healthy veggies into your daily meals.

The sneaky sauce

Starting a healthy diet doesn’t necessarily have to include entire dishes of all vegies. You can begin changing your meals into healthier ones by simply adding extras to the sauce. Or better yet, why not make it yourself? Why not try making your own tomato sauce with some canned tomatoes and herbs and spices, such as basil, oregano and cilantro, onions, peppers, finely chopped broccoli, fresh ground pepper, maybe even some sprouts —try adding everything but the kitchen sink. The trick is chopping them finely and letting them simmer for a while until all their flavors blend nicely with your main dish.

A quick glass of green smoothie

Are you the type of person who’s always in a hurry with only a few minutes left to spare in the kitchen? Thanks to a nifty invention called a blender, you only need two to three minutes to whip up a healthy smoothie that would pretty much most of your nutrition requirements. For an instant green smoothie, you can mix half a cup of coconut water, half a cup of almond water, two scoops of coconut oil, an avocado, a big handful of kale, a banana and some blueberries. If you don’t have all of the ingredients, no worries, simply throw in some healthy fruits and veggies in the blender, and voila! Cheers to a healthy drink!

Green Eggs and…

If you have more than three minutes to spare, you can cook a healthy breakfast by simply adding veggies to your fresh eggs. Simply heat a bit of olive oil, add chopped garlic and onions, and then add peppers, spinach and broccoli. Saute everything for five minutes before adding two scrambled eggs. With a pinch of pepper, you now have a healthy veggie scramble!

Looking at the other side of the menu

No time to cook and always eating out? Admittedly, it can be hard to go green and eat healthy dishes when out with friends. A simple remedy for this dilemma is to simply look at all sides of the menu and try ordering a veggie side dish. You don’t have to go on a hardcore salad or all-veggie meal, ordering a healthy side dish is already a huge step to having a healthy diet.

- See more at: http://bonfirehealth.com/easy-incorporate-vital-veggies/#sthash.JWolauGQ.dpuf


This entry was posted in Health on December-31-15

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