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Fitness through the lens: Find out how selfies affect our commitment to physical fitness

Fitness through the lens: Find out how selfies affect our commitment to physical fitness

Many consider that being accountable for our own health is a great way to keep our fitness on track. For many people, personal accountability entails a fitness plan that is created, customized, and maintained by none other than ourselves.

Although physical fitness is practically timeless, there are still trends that are undeniably affecting the practice of maintaining it. And at this age, there is one trend that is already making a glaring mark in the public’s way of life – the selfie. A quick search of “#fitness” on Instagram and you’ll see around 39 million mixed posts of gym photos, mostly selfies. Meanwhile, fitness tracking apps like Runkeeper and Strava are automatically updating your social network profiles of your progress.

Before, keeping track of one’s progress involves merely a pen and paper or notebook. Now, every detail of each exercise or food intake can be posted and seen online. Once seen, the posts do seem to be self-righteous and ego boosting. However, researchers from the Telemedicine Journal and e-Health noted that selfies are not only for the ego. They can also “foster motivation, en-couragement, and commonality,” which lead to a more successful training program.

In fact, this is the case for trainer Tiffany Clifford Czajka of Scottsdale, Arizona. In her testament to outsideonline.com, she discovered that using social media to motivate her clients to work hard is quite effective primarily because it obliges them to fully commit and be more responsible.

“I often post pictures of equipment—bosu balls, combat ropes—for a sneak peek into the next day’s work out. It helps keep excitement going and I take pictures of [my clients] working out as well to post and tag,” Czajka said. “Pictures speak volumes so whether you post a picture of an amazing before and after or the defined toned biceps that you have worked so hard for, it shows dedication and self-confidence that maybe you once did have.”

SOURCE: http://www.outsideonline.com/fitness/bodywork/the-fit-list/Fitness-in-the-Age-of-the-Selfie.html

This entry was posted in Fitness on December-25-14

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